The Pink Agency for Green Brands


Jumpin’ The Gun is proud to have amazing partnerships with some of SA’s most epic green businesses. We are 100% #GenerationRestoration, and believe in the power of impactful storytelling and strategic marketing to drive change.

Our collaborations with eco-conscious brands like Hotel Verde, Black Mamba Chilli, and Lyftaal are not just business partnerships—they are a testament to our commitment to sustainability and a greener future.



Hotel Verde is a pioneer in the hospitality industry, renowned as Africa's Greenest Hotel. Working with them is exhilarating because of their unwavering dedication to sustainability. From using renewable energy sources to implementing water conservation practices, Hotel Verde sets a high standard for eco-friendly hospitality. Collaborating with such a visionary brand allows us to craft marketing strategies that highlight their innovative practices and appeal to environmentally-conscious travellers. 

Did you know: Hotel Verde supplies each guest with a 100% carbon-offset certificate after your stay.


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Black Mamba Chilli, a fair-trade brand from Eswatini, is passionate about sustainability and community development. Their products are made from organic, locally-sourced ingredients, supporting small-scale farmers and reducing environmental impact. Partnering with Black Mamba Chilli is rewarding because it aligns with our values of promoting social and environmental responsibility. Together, we create campaigns that showcase their commitment to quality, sustainability, and fair trade practices, making a positive impact on both consumers and producers.


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tale Beer is brewing a greener future! With over 70% locally sourced raw materials, their Belgian-style beers are crafted using Ghanaian-grown ingredients, organic fruits, and sustainable grains like sorghum and millet. Plus, their brewery utilises the region's naturally pure water and is built on a repurposed mango plantation. We're proud to partner with tale, amplifying their sustainable story and crafting campaigns that drive impact and growth together.


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Lyftaal is a holistic skin and body sanctuary in Paarl that is committed to sustainability and minimal environmental impact. The business prioritises responsible recycling and waste disposal, supports service and product suppliers with similar eco-friendly values, and uses locally sourced products to reduce its carbon footprint. International brands are only considered when no local alternatives are available. Lyftaal also carefully selects products to enhance its treatment techniques and provides home-care recommendations that align with its green philosophy.


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Top tips on marketing a green business

Highlight Your Sustainability Practices

Transparency is key. Share detailed information about your eco-friendly practices, such as sourcing materials, production processes, and any certifications you have earned. Use blogs, videos, and social media to educate your audience about your green initiatives.

Tell Your Story

People connect with stories. Share the journey of your brand, including challenges and successes in your sustainability efforts. Personal stories from founders, employees, or partners can create a deeper connection with your audience.

Engage with Your Community

Build a community around your brand by engaging with your audience on social media. Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and create content that encourages participation. Highlighting user-generated content, like customer testimonials or photos, can also strengthen your brand's credibility and reach.

Collaborate with Like-Minded Brands

Partner with other eco-friendly brands to amplify your message. Co-branded campaigns, joint events, or collaborative products can help you reach a wider audience and reinforce your commitment to sustainability.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

Work with influencers who are passionate about sustainability. Their endorsement can lend authenticity to your brand and help you reach a broader, more engaged audience. Ensure that the influencers you choose align with your brand values and can genuinely speak to your sustainability efforts.

Utilise Data and Metrics

Track and analyse the impact of your green initiatives. Use data to showcase the tangible benefits of your practices, such as reduced carbon emissions, energy savings, or waste reduction. Sharing these metrics with your audience can build trust and demonstrate the effectiveness of your sustainability efforts.


At Jumpin' The Gun, we are proud to partner with brands that are making a difference. By working together, we can create compelling marketing campaigns that not only drive business success but also contribute to a more sustainable world. 

Are you a green brand in need of some pink fairy dust? Get in touch!