Smart Science

Brand Development & Corporate Identity Design

Creative Maths and Smart Science offer online extra maths- and science classes for high school learners. These classes take place individually or in groups on the Discord platform, which is commonly used by gamers. The process is also gamified by means of a reward system that gives students incentives to attend classes and do well in tests in order to and build up scores to unlock prizes. We dig gamification! By enhancing systems in order to create similar experiences to those experienced when playing games, you can motivate and engage users in the most epic ways (to their own advantage!).

The JTG Team was tasked with separating the current brand into two offerings that were more in line with the two platforms that were on offer: Creative Maths AND Smart Science.

Jumpin' the Gun: Smart ScienceJumpin' the Gun: Smart ScienceJumpin' the Gun: Smart ScienceJumpin' the Gun: Smart ScienceJumpin' the Gun: Smart ScienceJumpin' the Gun: Smart Science

We leaned into the gaming energy of the brand and applied it to the logo dev by adopting a learn-through-play attitude right from the start. It was also important to differentiate the two separate platforms by means of unique identities, even though the company functions as a single entity from a business POV. We wanted the logos to serve as a precursor to the fun, cool vibe of the online learning space, which features great elements like an interactive blackboard, rewards systems, fun animations, and a 'dark mode' theme common on gaming platforms. As such, the colours, fonts, and design elements were all chosen to be bright, fun, young, and 'easily consumed' in the way that digital natives prefer.

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