Founded in Cape Town by a South African engineer, Stella Ciolli, SKOON. is a natural skin care collection that uses best-in-class non-toxic ingredients in scientifically formulated combinations.

Says Stella: ‘We do not accept that good, effective skincare needs to contain parabens or any toxic ingredients procured at great expense to the environment, and at the expense of women’s health and well-being.  We don’t condone formulations that might be carcinogenic or harmful to your health. Where possible, we source locally and encourage local production of raw ingredients. We also reject, in the strongest terms, the idea of testing on animals.’

‘The SKOON. brand began because of an article I found in a newspaper years ago, which stated that a woman will host, on average, 515 ingredients on her body, at any given time – because of the way modern cosmetics are formulated. It occurred to me that there are very few "good" alternatives – and if I wanted to make a difference, I’d have to roll up my sleeves and make something happen. We just had to get this project off the ground.’

I started my own professional laboratory and worked with a full time chemist, who made it possible to produce best-in-class natural formulations, using high potency active ingredients. While I researched natural ingredients and travelled far and wide to look for superb quality actives, my chemist researched ways of using science to maximise these potent natural biological ingredients. We make a good team, and together we’ve proven how nature and science aren’t mutually exclusive – they’re flip sides of the same coin.’

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