10 Reasons Why We Use QR Codes

Jumpin' the Gun: 10 Reasons to still put QR codes on everything!

10 Reasons You Should STILL Be Putting QR Codes On Everrrrything!

Oh, snap! Ready to take your customer experience to the next level? You need to be putting QR codes on everything, and we mean EVERYTHING! From you packaging to basically ANY printed material; you should be linking relevant products or topics to the corresponding links online. Here are the top 10 reasons why: 

1. Provides easy access to information

Get your info in one scan! Ain't nobody got time to search for the deets of your products on the internet; your customers need to be linked to the relevant information instantly. By slapping a QR code on your packaging and linking it to the relevant product listing online, customers can easily scan it and have access to all the juicy information they need, like ingredients, nutrition and more product recommendations.

2. Enhances customer engagement

Give customers a new way to engage with your brand! What's better than beautiful packaging? Beautiful interactive packaging! QR codes can link to videos, surveys, product listings, website pages or social media platforms, and can increase customer engagement and loyalty.

3. Increases brand awareness

Get your brand seen! QR codes create a shortcut for users to reach your brand and is a great way to increase its visibility. By including a QR code, customers will get to know your brand exactly the way you wanted them to. Wanna be a little extra? Add your logo to the QR code design for the full brand experience!

4. Improves product tracking

Keep track of the eyes on your products! QR codes yield measurable data for packaging- and print- based campaigns. By including a unique QR code on each product, you can track which products are selling well as well as being viewed, and which may need improvement or adjustments.

5. Facilitates customer feedback

Let customers speak their minds! QR codes make it easy for customers to provide feedback on their experience with the product. By linking to surveys or other feedback mechanisms, customers can quickly and easily provide feedback, and you can gather valuable insights into their preferences and needs. Keep your customers happy and they'll keep coming back for more!

6. Helps promote sales and promotions

Promote like a boss! QR codes connect online & offline sales efforts. They can help promote sales and promotions by linking to discounts, special offers, or new product launches. By including QR codes on your campaign material, you can make it easy for customers to access these promotions and encourage them to make a purchase. Get those sales soaring!

7. Simplify customer service inquiries!

Don't make your customers jump through hoops to get the help they need! QR codes can direct customers to a landing page with FAQs, contact information, or other relevant resources. Customers can get the support they need more quickly and efficiently, and you can identify common issues or areas for improvement.

8. Save time and resources! 

Who doesn't love saving time and resources? QR codes provide quick and direct access to information about a product or service, track product performance over time, provide efficient customer service inquiries, and reduce printing and distribution costs.

9. Update business info in real time

QR codes can let you update your business info in real time. You don't gotta be stuck with outdated info on your ads or business cards anymore. With a quick scan, your customers can get the latest scoop on your biz. No more waiting around for new prints or designs – with QR codes, you can keep things fresh and up-to-date, all day, every day.

10. Look cool and savvy!

Want to look like a tech-savvy, modern business? QR codes are a simple way for your business to demonstrate your company's willingness to use technology. Stand out from the competition and show off your innovative side!

At the end of the day, it's all about the customer experience. QR codes make it easy for customers to access relevant information and resources, and engage with your brand. By enhancing the overall customer experience, you'll keep your customers coming back for more. #customerlove

So, what are you waiting for? Start slapping those QR codes on everything and take your business to the next level!