"Play" is the lifeblood of our creative process, where engaging ideas come to life through the synergy of a vibrant team. Here at JTG, we believe in infusing elements of play into our work, recognizing that the most innovative solutions emerge from a culture of inspired collaboration. Here, we cultivate an environment where we're not only unafraid to explore the unconventional, but we relish in it. Together, we celebrate the power of teamwork by aligning our thoughts, dedicating time to passion projects, and sparking collective inspiration. It's within this realm of play that we not only hone our skills but also craft groundbreaking ideas that drive the success of our clients.

The JTG Story

Explore the dynamic journey of Jumpin' the Gun. From redefining creativity to revolutionizing the digital landscape, our story is a testament to boundless innovation. Join us in unraveling a narrative that's shaping the future of brand elevation.

What do we do?

Still don't understand what we do on the daily and how we can help you? Check out the skills and services offered by the JTG Crew.

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What do we do?

The JTG Crew

Ever wondered who's behind the curtain, weaving the spells of creativity and innovation? Meet the lively cast of characters at Jumpin' the Gun! From digital wizards to design gurus, our team brings the perfect blend of skill and quirk to the table. Click through to uncover the faces that make the magic happen, and get ready to be charmed by the people behind the pixels!

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Curious about the brands that have thrived under our creative wing? Take a peek at the list of past and present clients we've had the privilege of working with.

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Jumpin’ The Gun is proud to have amazing partnerships with some of SA’s most epic green businesses. We are 100% #GenerationRestoration, and believe in the power of impactful storytelling and strategic marketing to drive change.

If you believe in the power of smart, engaging communications, we look forward to working with you.

We’re about sharing, shaping and celebrating together with our clients and our people. 

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If you believe in the power of smart, engaging communications, we look forward to working with you.