Creating Content for a Craft Brewery

Crafting content for a craft beer brewery isn't just about pointing and shooting – it's about weaving a tale that'll have your audience raising their glasses for more. In this guide, we're serving up five tips to help content creators brew up engaging and downright entertaining content.

1. Understand the Brewery's Story:

Before you whip out that camera, take a swig of curiosity and dive into the brewery's history, values, and what makes them as unique as a double dry-hopped IPA. Chat up the staff, squeeze out anecdotes, and infuse your content with that secret sauce of personality. It's not just about the beer; it's about the story behind the brew.

    2. Capture the Brewing Process:

    Showcase the beer-making process like it's a blockbuster – raw ingredients, brewing equipment, and every stage of production. Use close-ups, time-lapses, and angles. Let the audience see the blood, sweat, and hops that go into each bottle. It's like a behind-the-scenes tour, but cooler.

    3. Feature the Atmosphere:

    Let's get cosy with the vibe! Show off the taproom, the outdoor spots, and any shindigs happening. Natural light is your BFF here – film during all the magic hours to capture that Instagram-worthy ambiance. It's not just about beer; it's about the whole 'I wish I were there right now' feeling. 

    4. Customer Experiences:

    Ditch the traditional testimonials; let's get real! Film actual moments of people sipping, smiling, and soaking in the brewery. Catch the reactions to new beers, the banter with the staff, and the overall 'this place is awesome' vibe. Your audience needs to feel like they're missing out if they're not there. 

    5. Showcase the Beer:

    Now, let's give the star of the show its close-up – the beer. Zoom in on those beer styles, capture those pour shots. And here's a pro tip: make those beer bottles glisten with a bottle of spray water. 

    Crafting content for a craft beer brewery is an art but these five tips for shooting brew-tiful content will have your client thirsty for more. Just remember to  plan your shots, chase the best light, and understand the brewery's quirks. Whether it's the story, the brewing process, the atmosphere, customer experiences, or the beer itself, infuse your content with personality. Cheers to creating content that doesn't just quench thirst but leaves a lasting impression!