Meet the Team: Anna-Bet Stemmet

Meet our Copywriter (a poet with a pen of iron and a heart of gold)

She’s organised. She’s quick on the draw. She’s very much THE women you find yourself wondering "how TF she does it all?". When Anna-bet aka AB isn’t wrangling words like the professional she is, she’s a mom to two golden-haired cherubs, a green-thumbed goddess, and an all-around inspiration! 

Anna-bet has been a practitioner of words from a young, young age, spending most of her days as a child and teenager with her nose buried in books. Family holiday? Nope, she’d be curled up in the VW Kombi adventuring through distant lands and exploring worlds unknown to any who do not participate in this literary ritual. This whirlwind of creativity draws inspiration from her many interests, having studied languages & culture, agriculture, and fine arts. Thus she is uniquely equipped to write on many subjects as well as being comfortable exploring and then bringing to life whatever topic is at hand. While Copywriter is her official title, she brings so much more to the team than just her wordsmithing. 

Jumpin' the Gun: Anna-Bet Stemmet

AB has an array of accolades under her belt; has been personally featured in multiple magazines and newspapers including the likes of Fairlady; has participated in poetry readings and large scale literature- and language- related events; and has written for probably most of your favourite household names! She is also (in our humble but pretty researched opinion) THE writer within the sustainability sector making her the perfect fit for the Pink Think Tank that loves to work with Green brands.

“AB is our copywriter wunderkind. From long, informative articles to quick, witty captions she does it all with ease and having her on board has really helped lighten the load (and the total reliance on Grammarly). She is incredibly consistent with the quality and delivery of her work. It's always on time, reads great, and the cherry on top is her unique AB flair which always brings a smile to my face. We really feel like we can depend on her, which, in a small team like ours, is everything we could hope for!” says Creative Director Keagan Clack. Each member of the team feels comfortable sharing ideas and building creatively with her as confirmed by Tara Bakkes, our Lead Designer.

Jumpin' the Gun: Copywriter - Anna-Bet Stemmet (Skryfster)

“She is a creative writer, a word wizard of sorts. When she’s working her magic it sometimes feels like she makes the impossible possible… Always full of attention, thoughts, and ideas. Not only does she provide amazing copy, but she is also a person that is always available to bounce ideas off!  A bottomless pit of creative thoughts, if you will.”  “Whilst I’m so damn impressed with AB as a copywriter - I mean, few on this planet will ever match her - she has become a co-worker that I depend on for so much more than just completing briefs. She is reliable, responsible, efficient, considerate, passionate, and just an all round gem! What a find for team JTG and what a blessing to work with someone of such stature every day,” enthuses Managing Director Michelle van Sittert.

“This mother of two and full-time copywriter, poet, editorial writer... and so much more (which honestly amazes me EVERYDAY!) often changes my perception on so many things just with her keen insights and (not to be dramatic) has really just changed my worklife. I hope to be working with AB for the remainder of my creative career.”

The mom vibes carry through to the team as well, as echoed by her colleagues. MacDonald cheerfully remarks “She's the cool mom of the team, fun and always helpful.”

Followed by Zita who warmly describes, “Mama AB joined us as a copywriter, but I genuinely feel like her role has evolved so much. She brings ideas, she brings information, and she brings a quirky and funny energy to the group. Besides writing incredible copy that spans captions, blogs, emails, etc, I think her role has morphed into being somewhat of our hoofmeisie (head girl). She keeps us on our toes, brings a breath of fresh (sustainable) air, and expands on our ideas beyond writing. She’s amazing with time management, and always ahead of her deadlines, which is why when you throw things at her last minute she always has capacity. In what we do, flexibility is essential.” 

Now while the team cannot sing her praises enough when it comes to her work, the real reason she is so adored is her abundant empathy. Whether it’s crunch time or a chill day, you can count on AB to be interested, caring, and supportive! Keagan will never watch Dial Direct ads the same way again.

“At this year's JTG conference we were all watching, analyzing, and discussing different types of advertising. AB has been cool as a cucumber the entire time, offering valuable insights and making detailed notes. Until the Dial Direct Ad… She was solid as a rock through some really emotional ads, from Alan Gray to John Lewis, but it was the child doing chores to save his mom enough time to watch his school play that broke her. Granted, the ad is amazing and anyone with a heart would be a little teary, but AB turned into a puddle. She's got a HUGE heart (possibly the biggest of anyone I've met) and in my view, this is now the only acceptable reaction to that video.”

“One of the reasons I love working with AB is she never shies away from giving others their moment. She always makes you feel good about yourself. One of my favourite stories is from GunCon where she was so OBSESSED with my outfit that she actually tried on the entire look when we got back to my room. GunCon with AB was hilarious and an absolute blast - yes, she was working, but the banter was incredible and she made me feel like a shining star!” Zita laughingly recalls. 

Keep a look out for this powerhouse pink queen. She’s already made it onto the stage and into magazines, who knows! She may be on the cover next 😉