Client: Quench
Date: 2018
Campaign: Holiday on Ice
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Project Description: We were tasked to create a social media campaign ahead of the South African holiday season, highlighting Quench's service, on-demand alcohol delivery app, bringing a wide variety of alcoholic beverages straight to your doorstep. 

Jumpin' the Gun - Portfolio: Quench Campaign - Holiday on Ice

Quench is an on-demand delivery service that brings drinks, groceries, and other essentials to consumers' doorsteps in sunny South Africa.

Back in the day when the app just became a thing, they were first exclusively in partnership with TOPS at SPAR, and the JTG was the creative crew behind a lot of their brand collateral.

Jumpin' the Gun - Portfolio: Quench Campaign - Holiday on Ice

Quench as a brand is vibey and exciting, and we got to play around with lots of fun ideas when it came to their TTL messaging. Case in point - the 'Holiday on Ice' campaign.

We like to think the many layers to this onion-style editorial are quite evident ;) However, just in case it's not quite clear, it invited the viewer to sit back and relax with a (conveniently delivered) drink to take a little momentary holiday if theirs had been put on ice.

Jumpin' the Gun - Portfolio: Quench Campaign - Holiday on Ice

Holiday on Ice is also a travelling ice-skating show that takes place in South Africa, so the term is quite entrenched in the local zeitgeist. This lingo crossover added yet another hook that worked well with the quippy visuals.

The interesting thing is that this campaign was rolled pre-COVID, so people were still shopping and travelling up a storm IRL - but how relevant for all south Africans this past December? We just had to share.

What a time to be alive!
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