Jumpin' the Gun: Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport - Billboard


We've been wanting to design a great billboard since we saw the Olsen twins in Billboard Dad!

This fresh new billboard (conceptualised and designed by the Jumpin' The Gun team) is located just outside of Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport, and succinctly sums up the luxurious, eco-friendly experience you can expect when you stay the sustainable way at Africa's Greenest Hotel.

We were tasked to design a billboard to showcase the facilities on offer at Hotel Verde in order to draw people into the facility in the surrounding area near Cape Town International airport. The location of the two billboards next to one another challenged us to create a design that could stand alone, but would also work cohesively across both.

Jumpin' the Gun: Hotel Verde - Billboard
Billboard Design - Left
Jumpin' the Gun: Hotel Verde - Billboard
Billboard Design - Right


It was important for us to create a clear, punchy design, which is we decided to condense copy as far as possible. This led to the use of one-liners in combination with clean imagery to share as much information as succinctly as possible.

Another important piece of information we wanted to convey is the amazing fact that Hotel Verde is officially the greenest hotel in Africa. This is why this info was repeated on both panels.

Jumpin' the Gun: Hotel Verde - BillboardJumpin' the Gun: Hotel Verde - Billboard
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